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Oxford Art and Print Production Second Ed.

The second edition of Art and Print Production has been specially designed to meet the needs of unde..

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Oxford Food And Beverage Management

Food and Beverage Management is a comprehensive textbook designed to meet the needs of hotel&nb..

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Oxford Food And Beverage Service

The second edition of Food and Beverage Service is specifically tailored to meet the requirements of..

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Oxford Food Production Operations

The book aims to introduce students to the world of professional cookery. It covers all aspects of&n..

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Oxford Food Science and Nutrition

Food Science and Nutrition is a comprehensive textbook that is specially designed to meet the n..

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Oxford Hotel Front Office Operation and Management

The second edition of Hotel Front Office is specifically tailored to meet the requirements of the st..

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Oxford International Cuisine & Food Production Management

International Cuisine and Food Production Management is a comprehensive textbook spec..

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Oxford Performance Management

This authoritative dictionary contains succinct, expert definitions that are used in the fields of H..

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Oxford Quantity Food Production Operation and Indian Cuisine

The online resources for Students include wide range of textbook-linked resources for practice.You'l..

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Oxford Theory Of Bakery and Patisserie

Theory of Bakery and Patisserie is designed for students of Diploma and Food Craft courses in H..

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Oxford Theory Of Cookery

Theory of Cookery is designed for students of diploma and food craft courses in hotel..

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