Compass & Scale

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Camlin Exam Klick Compass

SS Compass with self centering mechansim,Durable pencil holder..

Rs 35.00 Ex Tax: Rs 35.00

Camlin Foldable Scale 30cm

Foldable Scale 30cm,Inbuilt protractor 180 degrees,Various sizes circles for geometry usage ..

Rs 25.00 Ex Tax: Rs 25.00

Camlin Voga Compass

Premium die cast metal Compass with self centering mechansim...

Rs 70.00 Ex Tax: Rs 70.00

Faber Castell Precise Scale 30cm

Faber Premier Scale 30cm ,Transparent..

Rs 20.00 Ex Tax: Rs 20.00

Maped Compass

Premium die cast metal,With attachments o.5 and 2mm Lead pencils..

Rs 239.00 Ex Tax: Rs 239.00

Maped Flexible Scale 15cm

Flexible Scale twist & flex 15cm, Sold in assorted colors..

Rs 45.00 Ex Tax: Rs 45.00

Maped Flexible Scale 30cm

Flexible Scale twist & flex 30cm, Sold in assorted colors..

Rs 59.00 Ex Tax: Rs 59.00

Maped Study Compass

Premium die cast metal in built clutch pencil,Compass with self centering mechansim, Sold in assorte..

Rs 80.00 Ex Tax: Rs 80.00